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APNSoftDataGrid Methods

The methods of the APNSoftDataGrid class are listed below. For a complete list of APNSoftDataGrid class members, see the APNSoftDataGrid Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

AddContextMenu Adds Context Menu into the collection.
ApplyRowFilter Sets a filter to the rows.
DataBind Creates a binding between the DataGrid control and a data source.
GetSelectedRow Returns the Selected Row.
GetSortedColumn Returns the Sorted Column.
ResetColumnWidths This method sets all columns at an equal percent fraction of the DataGrid width.
ResetPageNumber This method sets a Page Number to its default value.
ResetScrollbars This method sets Scrollbars to default values.
ResetSelectedRow This method removes the 'Selected' attribute from the row.
ResetSortedColumn This method removes the 'Sorted' attribute from the column.
SetPage Sets the current page number. This method must be called after the DataBind() method.
SortRows Sorts the rows in the collection.

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