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XML Structure for APNSoft Menu.
Version: Tooltips 4.1
Created: 11/12/2010
Updated: 03/16/2011
Copyright (C) APNSoft. All rights reserved.

Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
You can distribute and modify it freely.

    <item title="Home" tooltip="Go to [b]Home Page[/b]" />
    <item title="About Us" tooltip="Executive biographies, board of directors, [br]community affairs, etc.">
        <item title="Press Room" tooltip="Press releases, Video/Audio [br]and corporate information." />
    <separator />
    <item title="Products" tooltip="Motherboards, notebooks, etc." />
    <item title="Support" tooltip="Information and tools [br]to support our products.">
        <item title="Downloads and Drivers" tooltip="Download software, drivers, bios, [br]and other utilities for our products." />
        <item title="Training and Events" tooltip="Online and downloadable courses on [br]products, solutions, and work skills." />