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XML Structure for APNSoft Menu.
Version: Win7 4.1
Created: 11/12/2010
Updated: 10/08/2011
Copyright (C) APNSoft. All rights reserved.

Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
You can distribute and modify it freely.

    <item id="i1" title="Organize" tooltip="Organize this folder's contents.">
        <item id="i1_1" title="Cut" icon="IconCut.gif" />
        <item id="i1_2" title="Copy" icon="IconCopy.gif" />
        <item id="i1_3" title="Paste" icon="IconPaste.gif" />
        <item id="i1_4" title="Undo" />
        <separator id="s1_4" />
        <item id="i1_5" title="Select all" />
        <separator id="s1_5" />
        <item id="i1_6" title="Layout" icon="IconLayout.gif">
            <item id="i1_6_1" title="Menu bar" />
            <separator id="s1_6_1" />
            <item id="i1_6_2" title="Details pane" />
            <item id="i1_6_3" title="Preview pane" icon="IconPreview.gif" />
            <item id="i1_6_4" title="Navigation pane" />
            <item id="i1_6_5" title="Library pane" />
        <item id="i1_7" title="Folder and search options" />
        <separator id="s1_7" />
        <item id="i1_8" title="Delete" icon="IconDelete.gif" />
        <item id="i1_9" title="Rename" />
        <item id="i1_10" title="Remove properties" />
        <item id="i1_11" title="Properties" />
        <separator id="s1_11" />
        <item id="i1_12" title="Close" />
    <item id="i2" title="Open" icon="IconNotepad.gif" tooltip="Open">
        <item id="i2_1" title="Notepad" icon="IconNotepad.gif" />
        <item id="i2_2" title="WordPad" icon="IconWordPad.gif" />
        <separator id="s2_2" />        
        <item id="i2_3" title="Choose default program..." />
    <item id="i3" title="Share with" tooltip="Share the selected items with other[br/] people on the network.">
        <item id="i3_1" title="Nobody" icon="IconNobody.gif" />
        <item id="i3_2" title="Homegroup (Read)" />
        <item id="i3_3" title="Homegroup (Read/Write)" />
        <separator id="s3_3" />
        <item id="i3_4" title="Specific people..." />
    <item id="i4" title="Print" tooltip="Send the selected files to the printer." />
    <separator id="s4" />
    <item id="i5" title="Burn" tooltip="Burn the selected files and folders to disk."  />