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Customizing the look-and-feel of APNSoft control is accomplished through the following steps:
  1. Specifying the XML Structure or Data Source.

    The control like a Menu or TreeView uses XML for defining structure since XML is the most convenient format for structured data. You can save the XML structure as a file and bind the control by specifying the StructureFileURL property. Also, you can set the DataSource property to specify a source of data and call the DataBind() method.
  2. Applying the Skin.

    A Skin is a folder with CSS Style and a set of graphic files that determine the way the control is going to look. A CSS Style consists of predefined classes. You use the SkinFolder property to link the control with Skin. The collection of ready-to-use skins is included in installer. Each component has a default Skin to see the result immediately.

This example demonstrates how to insert the contents of HTML file into your Web page. You should set the IncludeFileURL property to specify the source of data for the Include.

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